Warranty Information

Product Warranty Terms

Due to the intended use of R/C products, Team Brood Racing products are guaranteed against workmanship
and manufacturing defects only for the following periods :
30 Days Brushed Motors
1 Year Brushless Motors
90 Days All Other Products

Discontinued Products will have a 30 Day Warranty only until two years past the discontinued date. No
warranty will be honored after two years of being discontinued.

This guarantee does not cover misuse, abuse, or normal wear, and is up to our discretion upon inspection
of the product.

Products resold by Team Brood Racing are warrantied by their respective companies under the terms of
their warranty programs.

Warranty is non-transferable and has no cash value.

Warranty not valid if purchase from an unauthorized retailer.

This warranty does not cover items that have been modified or attempted to be repaired beyond normal

Team Brood Racing’s liability shall never exceed the product’s original cost, nor will it incur any
liability for damage to other items used in conjunction with Team Brood Racing Products.

Team Brood Racing has no control over the use of any products, Team Brood Racing is not liable for any
damages or injury resulting from the use or purchase of any Team Brood Racing product.

The purchaser accepts all responsibility, and cannot hold Team Brood Racing responsible for any damages
and/or injury incurred by improper use or improper judgment in using any Team Brood Racing products.

For warranty service please visit http://www.teambrood.com/rebuild-amp-warranty-info

Team Brood Racing a DBA of Fathem LLC reserves the right to change the provisions and terms of their
warranty at any time without prior notification. Prices, products, and availability subject to change
without prior notification. Team Brood Racing implies by no means any information given on our products
as a guarantee to a products performance, durability or safety and the purchaser assumes all risk
and liabilities in their use.