About Us

Welcome to Team Brood Racing, the leading industry source for RC Rock Crawling performance motors, batteries & accessories. Why “Racing?” Simple. Team Brood Racing motors & batteries powered over 30 National Champions to victory in on and offroad racing before the RC Rock Crawling boom in 2006. That’s why. Championship winning pedigree and performance in every product.

Team Brood Racing drives the industry with innovative designs and exciting performance products, all hand-built by a staff with decades of experience in RC brushed motors. Team Brood tuners were trained and mentored under RC industry innovators like Big Jim Greenmeyer, unlike competitors who use staff with limited experience and training in the most critical areas such as winding.

All motors at Team Brood Racing are 100% built to order, handwound or machine wound. Unrivaled options available for both basic and full custom motors, a setup to fit any application, all coupled with the best tech & warranty support in RC crawling motors. And as they have since the beginning, Team Brood Racing builds all customers motors before any “team driver” gets theirs.

Get the motors that everyone is copying, putting their sticker on and calling it something else…